Russia’s Western Propagandists: Paid to Prolong a War

To push its divisive propaganda in Ukraine, Russia makes use of a number of western, English speaking individuals. In an effort to distance themselves from previously having worked for Russian state media, in 2016 they started pretending to be “independent and crowd-funded.”

Their freedom of movement in Russian controlled Ukraine, means their reporting can often attract high, YouTube viewing figures. That said, the sheer volume of Russian troll subscribers on YouTube and the ease at which you can use various tricks to fake viewing figures, probably accounts for a good many.

Introducing Patrick Lancaster, an American from St Louis Missouri.
Below is my short video detailing how he works with Russian led forces in Ukraine.

In 2014 – 2016 Lancaster worked as a camera man for Graham Phillips. From the UK, Phillips shameful and illegal activity in Russian occupied Ukraine, forms a long and unpleasant list, one which includes the looting of dead Ukrainian soldiers wallets. However, more on him another day. For now, here’s a statement on Phillips from the Ukrainian ambassador in London > Statement about Phillips.

In eastern Ukraine, Lancaster operates out of the Russian occupied, city of Donetsk. Not having applied for permission from the Ukrainian authorities to reside there, he’s effectively living in the country illegally.

Claims to be “independent” but both areas of Ukraine controlled by Russia, known as the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, do not allow genuine independent journalist to live in their territory. Those who’ve genuinely reported on events there, have been subjected to arbitrary arrests, beatings and imprisonment. In some cases, people have simply disappeared.

Claims to be “crowd-funded” yet has only run a handful of crowd-funding campaigns.
July 29th 2017: Concerned about his illegal activity in Ukraine, Indiegogo suspended his last crowd-funding campaign. Despite this, Lancaster carries on working without any apparent financial restrictions, including visiting Russia and staying in Crimea for several months.

Although Russia’s clearly paying Lancaster a wage, he earns extra money by running fake, humanitarian funding campaigns and his previous crowd-funding scams. Banned from numerous financial services, including PayPal, he’s now using Steemit to raise additional income. Regularly promoted by Russian state media and Russian embassies, all indications point to Lancaster working for Zvezda – Russia’s military news agency.

Naturally, he only reports negatively about Ukraine and its military, with much of his reporting inaccurate and staged. Consistently avoids mention of the findings of any independent reporting, such as the daily conflict reports from the OSCE and never promotes the on-going official and criminal investigations into the downing of flight MH17.

Put simply, Lancaster’s Russian job is to prolong a war, one which has cost the lives of over 10,000 people, not to mention the many thousands of unknown Russian soldiers and mercenaries.

Graham Phillips & Patrick Lancaster celebrating with Russian led forces

Lancaster – front row, third from right, with Phillips (bald) fourth from right. Seen here celebrating with a Russian led mercenary unit.

Stay tuned for more reporting on Lancaster. I’ll soon reveal how for Russian propaganda, he uses a stock pile of Human remains from the victims of flight MH17.

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