Russia’s Forces in Ukraine Blurring Out the Truth

The downside of sending your military vehicles and supplies into another country, is someone might recognize them. This thorny problem is made all the harder, by the same country supplying the military equipment, then producing YouTube propaganda videos showing them.

Naturally here we are talking about Russia. Posted on Jan 23rd & 25th 2018, these video screen grabs show blurred out Russian tanks, trucks and ammunition. These were filmed in the Donetsk Oblast (province), situated in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. With YouTube having recently suspended the self-appointed Donetsk People’s Republic’s channel, the Russian News Front channel is now posting their official, military videos. With Russia controlling some 409km of Ukraine’s border, it can send anything from terror to tanks into the country.

Russian Tanks blurred

Russian Trucks blurred

With the tanks, it looks like identifying detail specific to Russian tanks has been blurred out. On the military trucks, they’ve blurred the registration plates. This has probably been done, because the trucks will at some point cross back into Russia and may then be photographed.

Russian Ammo blurred

Not sure what St. Nicholas will make of this deception, but above picture shows blurred out text written on Russian ammunition boxes.

It must be remembered, that Russia claims the staggering amounts of military vehicles, equipment and supplies used by the so called “separatists,” was all captured from the Ukrainian army. If that’s true, why blur out so much detail?

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