The following information details the known conflict casualties from Ukraine.
Source is the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
From their Aug 16th – Nov 15th 2017 report on Human Rights in Ukraine.
Link to UN report – Click on the Dec 12th dated report.

Above picture shows Nadiya Volkova, aged 24. She’s knelling over the body of her 60 year old mother, Katya Volkova. On Feb 1st 2017, whilst walking to the local store, Katya was killed by indiscriminate, Russian led shelling of her hometown of Avdiivka.

Civilian Casualties.
Aug 16th 2017 – Nov 15th 2017:
Total of 87 Conflict casualties:
15 deaths – 14 men and 1 boy.
72 injuries: 42 men, 19 women, 10 boys and 1 girl.

Jan 1st – Nov 15th 2017:
Total of 544 civilian casualties:
98 killed, 446 injured.

Total of 525 casualties:
87 killed, 438 injured.
During same reporting period as above 2017 total.

April 2014 – Nov 15th 2017.
Total of 2,523 civilians killed:
1,399 men, 837 women, 91 boys, 47, girls. 149 unidentified.
An additional 298 civilians, including 80 children were killed as a result of the flight MH17 plane crash. July 17th 2014, MH17 was shot down by Russian military BUK missile. Civilian injuries are estimated between 7,000 and 9,000.

Total Casualties for Civilians and Military.
Total of 35,081 casualties.
10,303 killed and 24,778 injured, from Civilians, Ukrainian Armed Forces and armed groups (UN calls Russian led forces “armed groups”).

My added detail.
Dec 7th 2017: President Poroshenko stated Ukrainian armed forces losses had reached over 2,750. Subtracting 2,523 civilians and 2,750 Ukrainian military killed from UN report total, leaves approx. 4,700, known, Russian led forces killed.

However, with UN not detailing the split between Ukrainian and Russian and some suggestions Ukraine’s military losses are higher, I think a more conservative total of approx. 3,700, for known, Russian led forces killed is realistic.

The term – known losses, only means those which the UN Human Rights body has become aware of. Over the last few years, Russia’s Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, have blocked independent journalists and Human Rights bodies from gaining access to its territories. Additionally, reliable information on day to day Russian led military losses is extremely hard to come by. So, although known losses maybe around 3,700, the actual total loss, is likely to be far higher.

Now for the unknown losses.
Backing up my assumption of a much higher number killed, the below video of mine highlights thousands of unmarked graves. My assessment is, these burials are those of Russian mercenaries and some Russian soldiers. Better to bury them in Ukraine, than have prying eyes seeing a regular stream of soldiers being buried in Russia, with all the attending awkward questions being asked about them.

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