Russia’s Forces in Ukraine Hide Military Markings on their vehicles

January 14th 2018, in Luhansk region of Ukraine. A Russian led soldier, wearing Russian style military uniform, is giving a talk about medical equipment. Posted on YouTube by the Russian News Front channel, these are two screen grabs, from a video by the Russian controlled, Luhansk People’s Republic.

Russian Army Ural Truck 1 (2)

Behind the tables, we can see a Russian, military cargo truck. This is either the Ural 43206, which is 4 wheel drive, or the 4320, which has 6 wheels. These all terrain vehicles, are the mass produced workhorses of the Russian army, with variations carrying anything from Grad rocket systems, to ambulances.

The trucks good condition and amble tread on the tyres, suggest it’s a relatively new one.
If you now take a glance at the picture below, you’ll see a 43206 Ural truck, from Russia’s, 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division. Note the military markings on the drivers door.

On the above images, we see white paper has been used to cover the same area. The quality of the video doesn’t make it clear whether there’s any writing on the paper, suggesting it’s part of the medical talk, but we do know, in these military propaganda videos, markings and registration plates are routinely blurred out. See my other posts in – Russian Army in Ukraine category, for examples of this.

This is presumably done, because vehicles cross back and forth into Russia, thereby risking someone taking a photo and matching it to the same vehicle whilst in Ukraine. Also, done to hide weapons and features specific to the Russian army, and probably because although painted over, on closer inspection, some parts of original, Russian military markings, may still be visible.



The above two pictures are from the excellent Vitaly Kuzmin, military blog. In it, he shows virtually every variation of Ural trucks and most other Russian military vehicles.

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