Yesterday, I reported things were relatively quiet on the front line, with only one Russian led attack. Thankfully this didn’t result in any military or civilians deaths/injuries.

Sadly, over last 24 hrs, things have changed. Jan 30th: 22 year old, Artem Skupeyko was killed by Russian led sniper at Talakivka in the Donetsk Oblast (province).
Talakivka is a front line settlement, near the south coast, located near the strategically important, Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

Born in 1995, he’s pictured above with his proud mother. Artem served as senior sailor, in 160th Anti-aircraft Missile Brigade.



Ukrainian military report 3 attacks on their positions, with 1 soldier killed and a further two soldiers wounded.

With a static front line over the last 2 years, both sides know exactly where each others military positions are located, making the targeting of them is very easy. The Russian led sniper who killed Artem would simply have waited for movement at a place where Ukrainian soldiers were known to be located.

Goes without saying that this wanton slaughter serves no military purpose whatsoever. Is presumably done in the hope of provoking the Ukrainian military into returning fire, for which Russian propaganda will as usual claim Ukraine is attacking civilians.

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.