Short update on events over the weekend.
Feb 3rd saw heavy fighting, with bulk happening in the Donetsk Oblast (province). The OSCE reported some 1,100 explosions in Donetsk and 340 in the Luhansk region. Positioned on both sides of the front line, OSCE monitors do what they can to record any fighting. In addition they have several camera’s which also record firing, these helping to determine from which direction the firing came from. Understandably, it’s not always possible to be everywhere at once, and so the OSCE can at times only give an assessment from where firing may have originated.

Their use of explosions, refers to either impacts of shells, or the sound of artillery, tanks, armoured fighting vehicles, grenade launchers etc. firing. Although the OSCE records small arms fire, such as the louder noise made by heavy machine guns, due to the intensity and duration of firing, again it’s not always possible to record all small arms firing.

Feb 3rd: Ukrainian military reported 1 Ukrainian soldier killed and 2 wounded, the below situation map showing the areas where Russian led attacks took place. Town of Avdiivka as usual suffering, with several attacks launched on Mariupol front, down on the south coast.

RNBO_map_eng-ukr-rus 08-07

Over weekend, Ukraine reports 5 soldiers wounded. OSCE reported reduced shelling compared to Feb 3rd. This morning, Ukrainian military report no casualties.

I’ve mentioned before, that although at times there can be little firing taking place, this can often result in fatalities, or injuries to soldiers. This is due to the front line not having moved for at least two years now, making it easy for Russian led forces to specifically target Ukrainian positions.

Goes without saying that this constant firing, only continues the trauma for civilians living on the front line.


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