Russian Army Sneaks into Ukraine

With an estimated 35,000 Russian mercenaries and regular Russian troops in eastern Ukraine, that’s a lot of soldiers to supply and mouths to feed. To achieve this, Russian led forces make use of industrial buildings, Ukrainian army installations and like here down on Ukraine’s southern coast, farm buildings.

Markyne 1

The small Ukrainian village of Markyne is but a stones throw from the border, thereby making it an ideal location for use by the Russian army. Used soon after Russia had seized control of this border area, the farm buildings on the western edge of the village serve as a transit camp for the Russian led forces entering/exiting Ukraine and probable supply depot.

Markyne 3

Markyne 4

Above, Russian military trucks can be seen alongside the buildings, with a perimeter, earth bank having been dug around the site. These images are from 2016, with earlier ones showing large numbers of trucks and even artillery there. By positioning a military site so close to the village, Russian led forces are effectively using its inhabitants as human shields.

Markyne 2


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