Russia’s Forces in Ukraine admit their from Russia

This video kicks off my new project. It’s a big one, as looking back at the thousands of videos posted during 2014/15. Aim is to point at evidence showing regular Russian military forces in Ukraine. Main focus will be on Russian columns which have just entered the country. Will show where they are in Ukraine, which direction they traveled from, where they crossed the border and from where, inside Russia they came from.

As a side project, when convincing evidence is available, I’ll also post on Russian troops fighting in Ukraine. This video deals with Russian paratroopers, they having been involved in the battle to capture Luhansk city airport. Luckily, I was able to match this video posted by Graham Phillips, a notorious supporter of Russian led forces in Ukraine, to information posted by Channel 4 news, here in the UK.

Importantly the soldiers say fellow Russians have been killed and wounded. They also state that the Kremlin allows them to cross into Ukraine, fully armed and equipped.

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