Russia’s Sending Weapons & Paperwork

Always good to get confirmation Russia’s sending weapons into Ukraine. Even better when Russian led soldiers use the paperwork sent with them. Posted Sept 3rd 2016, two pictures show mortar training at what looks like the Russian military base at Torez.

A soldier, wearing a Russian military uniform, is holding a booklet. Words translate as – Mortar commanders notepad. Dutifully following the Russian advice, he is taking notes about the performance of his men, whilst using their shiny, new Russian mortars.
VK website link for original images.


The two headed, Russian imperial eagle coat of arms, can clearly be seen above the text. There are a few variations of Russia’s official coat of arms, but the general layout is as seen below.


Russian led mortar platoon, with commander taking notes.

Russia’s Torez base has grown into one of the largest in Ukraine. Close to the Russian border, it is used as a transit base for Russian military units and mercenaries entering/exiting Ukraine. Like all bases. military training, including live firing regularly takes place. With satellite images & OSCE reports showing Torez and nearby base at Krasnyi Luch, both routinely having large number of tanks, artillery and armoured fighting vehicles stationed there, it suggests these bases are reserve holding areas, with combat units ready to advance further into Ukraine, as and when needed.

Russian tanks at Torez.

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