Sad to see Russian occupied Ukraine mirroring the state control of news, seen in Russia. Both Russian controlled Donetsk and Luhansk republics (DPR & LPR) have been clamping down on all information given out to independent bodies.

Reported by the OSCE on Feb 8th, the below is a typical example of that state control.
Schools and hospitals have been told not to speak about current events, or how the conflict is effecting their medical and school work. This forced silence means there is no way of verifying “official” information, given out about civilian casualties, or the quality of pupils schooling. The irony of all this is, Russian propaganda daily pumps out a stream of good news stories about social care, hospitals and schools in the DPR & LPR, along with ongoing horror stories on the Ukrainian army deliberately targeting civilians in their regions. So with that in mind, it’s extremely revealing, that they’ve taken away the ability of doctors, nurses and teachers to talk about the good, bad, or ugly.

Russia denies OSCE access to Schools and hospitals

SMM means – The OSCE – Special Monitoring Mission.







Written by Glasnost Gone

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