We all know it’s civilians who suffer most during any conflict, and so it is in Ukraine. With on going fighting along the whole front line, the daily struggle for basic needs, which many of us take for granted, is all too real.

Water and electric are two such needs. Shelling routinely damages both water pipes and electric cables, with the result being long periods of times spent without ready access to these vital necessities. Simply obtaining water often entails hours spent cueing at wells, or for those living in remote villages, involves walking long distances to collect water. For the elderly, who often make up the bulk of those living in these remoter villages, this is an extremely hard burden to endure.


Although Ukrainian companies and emergency teams do what they can to repair damaged pipes and cables, just one shell can often cut electric and water supplies to thousands of homes. Add in the difficulties of reaching some front line areas, the dangers of repairing damage in an active conflict zone and nature chipping in with deep snow, then this grueling and demoralizing civilian hardship, is made all the harder.

For more pictures and info, please view this UNICEF in Ukraine article.

Written by Glasnost Gone

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