A pictorial look back at the devastation wreaked on Donetsk International airport. 2012 saw Ukraine hosting the European Football Championship. With games to be played at Shakta Donetsk stadium, it was decided to totally rebuild the old airport.

Fast forward to May 2014 and Russian led forces have taken control of much of Donetsk. Located on the edge of the city, this left Ukrainian forces holding the airport. Cue mass Russian artillery, tank fire and anything and everything being fired at it, the end result leaving it resembling a nuclear war, zombie apocalypse movie.

Fighting raged from May 2014 – January 21st 2015. Due to the undoubted heroism of Ukrainian soldiers defending it, they have become known as Cyborgs. A note about the word Donbas, sometimes spelt Donbass. This is the collective name for the region in eastern Ukraine, where the conflict is taking place.


Airport seen in June 2012, not long after its opening.



Donetsk airport Google Earth

Google Earth image. With Donetsk city behind, the main terminal building can be seen in the center, with the now destroyed control tower, on the far right.

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