Ladies Serving on the Front Line

It’s reported there are around 17,000 women are serving in Ukrainian Armed Forces, including 2,200 officers. With bulk operating in various support roles, such as medics, a good many are combat soldiers. With Russian led forces advancing into Ukraine in 2014, local militia units sprang up to stem the advance. Unlike the regular Ukrainian army, these volunteer units allowed women to fight as soldiers.

June 2015 saw volunteer units merged into the regular army.
June 2016 saw women allowed to serve as combat soldiers.


Nov 2016: Mariana, 29 pictured on the Mariupol region front line. Back then she’d already served in the army for five years and been on the front line for more than six months.


Nastya seen above, with her 7-year-old daughter in Kyiv. Has served as a combat soldier on the front line many times, leaving behind her two children.

Seen below, another aspect of women in Ukrainian military, are those working within its media, news teams. Many of the reporters and team members are female. Just like their combat colleagues, whilst reporting in the conflict zone, they frequently endure Russian led shelling and firing.

So whether holding a gun, bandage, camera or microphone, due respect to every one of them.

Media teams 1

Media teams 2

Media teams 3

Media teams 4

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