1: Russian Army Columns in Ukraine

Yesterday I posted first in a series of videos looking at Russian army columns in Ukraine. Series focus will be during the height of Russia’s 2014/15 invasion. Videos will feature those columns which have just entered Ukraine, or ones moving location within it.

This video covers one moving within Ukraine. We see one of the columns armoured personnel carriers was filmed during the heavy fighting at Luhansk airport. With the airport captured by Russian led forces on Sept 1st 2014, it seems this large, combat unit, filmed on Sept 3rd, has withdrawn from the Russian occupied city of Luhansk. Moving along quieter roads close to Russian border, it has taken a wide detour. This maybe due to the risk from Ukrainian artillery/air force, or done simply to avoid the heavy traffic using the more direct, main roads.

Column may have crossed back into Russia, near the Ukrainian town of Krasnodon, or moved south, to support Russian units around the Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

So maybe Putin can answer this simple question? Why, if these are so called “separatist” forces and not the Russian army, have they taken the licence plates off all their vehicles and felt the need to freshly paint them? As video series progresses, we’ll see thousands of military vehicles entered Ukraine from Russia, all freshly painted and without licence plates, or military markings.

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