Russian Army Columns in Ukraine

Great response to my first video on Russian Army Columns in Ukraine. Over 1,500+ views in just over one day. Big British thank you for all support. Another indication it’s doing well, is Russia’s YouTube trolls have predictably kicked in abusive comments. This morning I’ve been doing some research into these troll accounts and will soon post an interesting video and report on my findings.

Video 1

Later this week, I’ll post the second video in this series. Seen below, this will look at a column driving through the Ukrainian border town of Krasnodon. Filmed in Aug 2014, due to the close up of the soldiers, we can see they are all uniformed and fully equipped, as are the tank and armoured personnel crews. Hardly suggests rag tag bunch of civilians come “separatist” fighters. Of additional interest, we can say with some certainty where the column crossed from Russian into Ukraine.

Invasion video

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