Yesterday, the OSCE reported some difficulties imposed by Russian led forces whilst monitoring some border crossings. Today’s report covering events on Feb 19th, shows things have escalated, with OSCE told to leave 3 border crossings and a railway station.

It would appear Russia now wants to impose greater restrictions on what the OSCE is able to see along the border. As to whether this is due to pulling military things out of Ukraine, or sending more stuff in, we’ll have to wait and see. Perhaps the plan is, if the OSCE know they’ll be told to leave, this new harassment may deter them from even trying to visit the border area. May of course be nothing of significance, just petty petulance.

Worth noting, apart from the two border crossings at Donetsk & Gukovo, where they are stationed 24/7, the OSCE rarely spends much time at other border crossings. This is due to the time taken to reach them and the long delays in passing through numerous Russian led checkpoints. Currently, Russia controls 12 Ukrainian border crossings and several old, reopened ones. Below, screen grab of OSCE report.

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