During winter, life on Ukraine’s front line is made a whole lot harder. With deep snow and freezing temperatures, the issue of staying warm, can be a matter of life or death.

This week, the International Committee of the Red Cross in Ukraine has been distributing insulation kits. These consist of tapes and items to help seal up windows and stop drafts.
With the elderly making up the majority of residents in settlements along the conflict line, helping them save scarce money on fuel bills and time spent looking for fuel, is important work.

Insulation kits


Another no less vital Red Cross project was the creation of heating and cooling points at Stanytsia Luhanska bridge. This precarious, bombed bridge (my post on it), is the only front line civilian crossing point in the Luhansk Oblast (province) region. With at times thousands of people using it every day, delays caused by security checks and fighting, can reach several hours and even days.

Safe to say the people and their dogs appreciate the chance to warm up before continuing their journey.



Written by Glasnost Gone

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