Russia Caught lying about its Aid Convoys

My latest video on Russia’s so called “Humanitarian aid” convoys.
Safe to say, there’s a widely held belief that these large convoys sent into Ukraine, contain mostly ammo, rather than aid. This belief is made all the more believable due to the false statements made by Russian embassies.

This video focuses on Russia’s South African embassy and it having been caught out lying about the Feb 22nd, 74th convoy. They falsely claimed that the contents of all 41 trucks has been fully checked to some “international standards”. In fact no content checks took place, and 31 of the 41 trucks even entered Ukraine unseen.

Once inside Ukraine, Russian led forces again stopped the OSCE observing the unloading of what Russia claimed was only “kids food and medical and medical equipment.” So well done Russian embassies. If you are forced to lie about your “aid” convoys, then people will carry on thinking you’ve got something to hide.

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