Say Hello to Ukrainian Bravery

Meet Olga Benda.
Ukrainian soldier and mother.
May 2017: Lost a leg to Russian shelling in the town of Avdiivka.
She has signed up again to serve in army.

With the help of her family, she has taken the trauma and challenges of losing a leg head on. She’s driving again, plays sport, has since climbed the odd mountain and is participating for Ukraine in the Invictus Games for wounded soldiers.

She said. “You can not even imagine how much tears were spilled. It is very difficult to wake up and realize that there are no parts of your body and that you need to learn how to live again. But I realized that it was impossible to delay. I wanted to start walking again…

I thought about my son, my parents and my beloved. And also that I want to be independent again and not be burdened by anyone. Now that I have an active lifestyle, I participate in various projects. This is one of the main reasons why I am working on myself. In order to prove to ourselves, people and parents that there are no problems. On the contrary, there are new opportunities for development!”

On Olga asking her partner, “How can we live now? He simply replied “nothing [has changed], we will walk a little more slowly.” Article on Olga’s experiences.


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