Today in Brussels, the European Union, EU Member States, the European Parliament and International Organizations were today briefed on the dire humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine. It’s hoped more funding can be raised for much needed humanitarian work.

Following from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs…

“The human toll of the armed conflict is appalling, with over 2,530 civilians killed and 9,000 injured. Thousands of homes, hundreds of hospitals, schools, and water and electricity facilities have been damaged due to the hostilities. The rapid and increased contamination of the conflict-affected area by mines and unexploded ordnance is threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of Ukrainians. With one million crossings each month across the 457-km “contact line”, thousands of people face delays and obstacles in accessing basic services, pensions, social benefits, and markets every day.

“It is sobering to note that four years ago, Ukraine had no need of a humanitarian appeal”, ASG Mueller said today at a conference on the humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine. “Yet today, 3.4 million Ukrainians need humanitarian assistance for their protection and survival, particularly in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

There are millions of women, men and children in eastern Ukraine who are struggling to make it through the fourth winter of conflict. Some 200,000 people live under constant fear of shelling every day. With the highest proportion of elderly affected in the world, it is our obligation to reverse the unacceptable deprivation that they face,” she added.


With a reported 4.4 million people affected by the conflict and 1.6 million forced to flee their homes, new funding is desperately needed. Hopefully, fingers crossed we’ll hear a positive outcome from the event.

Update: Just in. The European Union has issued a press release granting 24 million Euros to “address the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine.”

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