Perfectly illustrating Russia’s FULL control over so called “separatists” in Ukraine, over the last 24 hours, Ukrainian military report no attacks in Donetsk region, but heavy shelling in Luhansk.

I’ve written before about this new tactic of Russian led forces swapping their attacks from region to region. Every day without fail, over the last couple of years, fighting took place all along the front line. Now into 2018, we see the routine practice of the majority of firing either taking place in the Donetsk region, or Luhansk. This ability to coordinate all shelling into Ukrainian held territory and exert total control over all military forces, indicates Russian army authority, rather than disgruntled “separatist” farmers. Needless to say, wherever these attacks are launched from, they serve no purpose whatsoever, other than to prolong civilian suffering and keep Ukrainian forces on alert.

Today, Ukraine reports nearly 300 mortar shells fired at their positions in the Luhansk region, with damage to civilians houses and one Ukrainian soldier wounded.


Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.