Myrne: Russian Military Base in Ukraine

This is the Russian military base at Myrne, in Ukraine’s Luhansk Oblast (province). Really just a cluster of abandoned industrial buildings, it was first seen occupied by Russian led forces back in Oct 2015.

These pictures taken by an OSCE UAV (drone), date from Sept 2017. They show a wide range of Russian military hardware, including mine clearance and trench digging engineer equipment, towed artillery, towed anti-tank guns, self propelled artillery and various types of armoured fighting vehicles (BMPs).

Site still in use today, with the OSCE regularly reporting on military vehicles located there. Like others in the area, this base holds units which can either advance further into Ukraine, or be used to repel attacks by Ukrainian forces.

But hey, maybe I’ve got it all wrong and those pesky Ukrainian “separatists” bought it all on eBay? The cost of postage and packing must be a nightmare?




My recent video showing probable Russian, military helicopter landing pads, near Myrne.

Myrne 1

Myrne 2

Myrne 3

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