, With full control over 409 km of Ukraine’s eastern border, here is a snapshot of how Russia sends its forces into Ukraine. Picture above shows Russian led soldiers at Izvaryne Ukrainian crossing point, opposite the Russian Donetsk border crossing.

From the Russian side, the OSCE only monitor 2 of the 12 Ukrainian border crossings which Russia has total control over. Every week, the OSCE observes “persons in military-style outfits, either crossing into, or exiting Ukraine into Russia.

These are Russian contract soldiers and mercenaries. They are able to travel back home on leave and then re-enter Ukraine as and when. Also new recruits will be seen. In the early stages of the conflict, some of them told the OSCE, that they collect their weapons and equipment once inside Ukraine.

Now remember, this is just 2 of the 12 border crossings. Just imagine how many Russian soldiers are crossing into Ukraine at the other 10 land and 2 rail line crossings? Regular Russian army units, cross the border at unobserved border crossings.

Below is the latest OSCE report. It notes an increase in military dressed individuals observed crossing the border, including men in full military uniform.OSCE border report


Written by Glasnost Gone

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