At midnight tonight, there is another of those agreed ceasefires. Now those of us who’ve followed the conflict these last 4 years, will not be holding our breath, but hope for the sake of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, this one lasts longer than all the others ones.

In conflict news, this morning, despite 8 Russian led attacks over the last 24 hours, Ukrainian military report no casualties.

On a more worrying note, March 1st inside Donetsk city, the OSCE spotted a very large Russian led column. As detailed below, it comprised, 17 Infantry fighting vehicles, 10 armoured personnel carriers, 3 engineer mine clearing vehicles and other military vehicles. Regrettably, the OSCE didn’t state whether it was stationary, or leaving the city. What’s troubling about this discovery, is the city of Donetsk is on the front line, therefore, having a large armoured, infantry unit, with mine clearing capability, close to the front, does not sound good.

Header pic not related to these events. Shows a Russian army column in Krasnodon, busy invading Ukraine in August 17th 2014.

OSCE report link.

OSCE new one

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