US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, Kurt Volker telling it how it is. Run by “local warlords” and “created by Russia”, he said the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic’s (DPR & LPR) in Ukraine must be “disbanded.”

Images below were tweeted by the US Embassy in Ukraine. I’ve also added Russia’s hysterical, propaganda response. Inaccurately, the DPR official media (such as it is) claimed Volker had called for the liquidation and elimination of the republics, laughably hinting at either mass executions, or overwhelming, military action.

On a more peaceful note, progress towards a Peacekeeping deployed in the conflict zone continues. Several countries inc Finland and Sweden have said they are willing to provide contingents. Russia’s not yet responded to the proposal of large scale UN Peace keeping deployment.

Basic US, Ukraine, German and French agreed plan, would see a staged withdrawal of Russian forces, with a UN Peacekeeping force taking over control and providing safety in their territory. Local elections would then take place and sometime after, the peacekeepers would duly hand back the territory to Ukraine. Russia had originally not been keen on this plan, but lately has made more positive noises. So fingers still crossed.



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