Russia’s Forces Threaten to shoot OSCE Monitors

It’s getting increasingly dangerous for OSCE monitors operating in Russian occupied Ukraine. March 5th, a Russian led soldier threatened to shoot monitors, unless they left the area.

It should be noted, that with the bulk of Russia’s forces in Ukraine made up of motley crew of Russian mercenaries, the OSCE has always had aggression and threats made against its members. This is in part due to the predictable Russian propaganda, which continues to stir up mistrust towards the OSCE, it claiming they work under cover for Ukraine and western powers.

This more recent upsurge in harassment is probably linked to Russia’s new military orders to its forces in Ukraine. Over the last few weeks, the OSCE has reported on Russian led soldiers ordering of them to leave the border area and rail stations. This new aggressive and confrontational tactic is likely to be linked to the March 5th incident and may yet see another OSCE monitor killed.

OSCE patrol

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