Russia’s Same Old Fake News

If you’re on Twitter you may have noticed some of Russia’s ridiculous, fake news about Ukraine. Every year since the start of the conflict in 2014, its social media trolls rant on about Ukraine’s imminent launching of a massive offensive. And surprise, surprise, nothing ever happens.

This years Russia’s tactic is the banging on about foreign countries, like US, UK and Canada secretly training the Ukrainian army. Training is indeed happening, but it’s certainly not secret and neither is it specific to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. It’s just basic overall training, in line with standards associated with western countries, military forces.

What Russia’s Twitter trolls like Pete John, forget to mention, is every country openly reports on its assistance to the Ukraine’s military via its governments, media and even dedicated Twitter accounts, like this one from Canadian military, so hardly secret.

The amusing irony is, Russia’s spent and still is spending, eye watering amounts of tax payers money, training and equipping Russian led forces in Ukraine. With that in mind, I seem to remember the Bible saying something about “he who casts the first stone.”

So my tip of the day for Putin is…
When your Twitter trolls tweet rubbish about Ukraine, best not to use 2014 pictures of Ukrainian soldiers bravely defying your invasion of Crimea.
Fake news Russian 2

Fake news Russian 1

Fake news Russian

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