Russia’s Twitter Trolls use Thai Army Pic

Maybe Russia’s Twitter trolls should’t use 2010 pics of Thai soldiers and claim they are deserting? On a more serious note. Russia’s Twitter tactic is for its trolls to search Google for eye catching images. With many totally unrelated to the conflict, a good picture means your fake news propaganda stands a far better chance of getting noticed.

As typified by the tweeted Thai pic shown below, many pictures are totally unrelated to Ukraine. Thus far, falsely representing Ukrainian armed forces, we’ve had soldiers from Japan, Thailand, Britain, America, Russia, Germany and probably a good many others I’ve missed.

Rubbish 2

Rubbish 1

With Russian propaganda claiming Ukraine deliberately shells civilians, a popular troll image search is “bombardment.” Lots of dramatic pictures of guns and artillery being fired, which as the tweets below show, have the potential of grabbing your attention. Amusingly, for the last couple of years, Maurice Schleepe has used the same unrelated pictures over and over again, which lessons their propaganda impact.

Russia's trolls pics

fake 1


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