Dead Russia’s Forces Soldiers Keep Leaving Ukraine

They don’t get Russian medals.
They don’t get Russian state funerals.
What they get is a man with a van to take their bodies home.

Another week of Putin’s soldiers and mercenaries entering and leaving Ukraine.
This is today’s OSCE report on their observations at just two of the 12 Ukrainian border crossings which Russia controls. Routine mix of people wearing military clothing crossing the border, with some exiting Ukraine either dead or wounded.

I’ve also added the OSCE trend totals for the Donetsk and Gukovo border crossings. This shows numbers of vehicles, trains and people crossing from Feb 6th – March 13th. We are talking thousands of vans, trucks and trains, and tens thousands of people, all which Ukraine has absolutely no control over entering the country.

In total, Russia controls 12 Ukrainian land crossings and 2 rail lines. Russian military also use several previously closed border crossings, which they reopened in 2014.

dead 2


Trends 1

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