Tents & Buildings: Russia’s Forces Bases in Ukraine

I posted yesterday about my forthcoming video on Russia’s, military bases inside Ukraine (out tomorrow). Below are some of the images appearing in it.

One of largest, the satellite images show the base, just outside the town of Torez. From Aug 2016 – Oct 2017, they give us a window into Russia’s invasion planning.

As you can see, the initial tented barracks and base facilities (see in last sat image), have now been replaced by an impressive array of permanent buildings. Classic military style, with barracks and command center, grouped around a parade ground. The OSCE drone image shows tanks in the vehicle compound, located on right of satellite images.

Close to the border, the base is a transit camp for Russian units entering and leaving Ukraine. Satellite images and OSCE reports reveal a formidable, armoured combat unit is permanently based there, with some units occupying nearby farms.

These images also give us an insight into the vasts amount of money, Russian tax payers are shelling out for Putin’s disastrous and failed attempt to create a land border to Crimea.

Torez Base Oct 23rd 2017 a

Torez Base May 6th 2017 a

Torez 1

Torez Base OSCE Oct 3rd 2017

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