How Russia’s Propaganda Against Ukraine Works on YouTube

Going to put a video together on this, but here’s a short summary.

To push their propaganda in occupied Ukraine, Russia uses American citizen Patrick Lancaster. Living in the Donetsk region, Lancaster works Mikhail Andronik, a Russian mercenary from Saint Petersburg. Still an active combatant, Andronik is also Russia’s military spokesman for the so called Donetsk People’s republic.

The scam the pair use, is to film each other at the same location, then use the footage to produce separate YouTube videos. These March 21st videos being a classic example of this propaganda skulduggery. The location is on the edge of Russian occupied Donetsk, facing the Ukrainian held town of Avdiivka.

1: The pair of them reveal Russian led snipers are active on the front line, which during a ceasefire is not clever.

2: In Lancaster’s video there is no sound of any fighting and the sniper says its been very quiet over the last 3 days.

3: In Andronik video (Posted by News Front), he’s used a short clip of the same sniper and accompanying soldier. For propaganda effect, he’s shown them running, suggesting fighting and to given the video some extra appeal, by adding the sound of a fake explosion. This was done because in the video he falsely claims Ukrainian forces are launching on-going attacks, thereby breaking the ceasefire.

Scroll down and you can see Lancaster and Andronik are good friends, with them pictured hugging each other. You can also watch the video I made about them working together.

Lancaster 1

Lancaster fake video

Lancaster 2

Lancaster 3



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