As reported today, over the last 24 hours, Russian led forces in Ukraine suddenly launched 44 attacks, killing 1 Ukrainian soldier and wounding another. Now this dramatic upsurge in fighting was clearly coordinated and ordered by Russia.

So, how do we know this? Because Russia’s Twitter trolls had as usual been tweeting the most ludicrous stories about Ukraine building up its front line forces.

March 24th: Here’s a classic example from good old Maurice. Amazingly he knows a huge amount about an incident, inc people involved, how much they’ve drunk and the exact number of rocket systems, but yet can’t tell us where or when it happened, or give us any indication how he found out about this dramatic sounding event?

Like Graham Phillips, Maurice routinely gets tagged by Russia’s embassy in South Africa. In doing so, they are expected to earn their Kremlin wages by slavishly retweeting the embassies tweets. Russia uses its South African embassy as a propaganda, twitter hub.

As you can see, I’ve also added Russia’s Donetsk People’s Republic’s fake news about Ukraine building up of forces on March 25th.

Fantasy land




Written by Glasnost Gone

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