It’s National Mine Awareness day today. With Ukraine’s front line area becoming one of the most mine contaminated places in the world, it’s no surprise that civilians keep getting killed and wounded by them. Below graphic from UNICEF, lists the total killed and wounded since 2014.

The numbers have dropped since the height of the fighting in 2014/15, but with more effort being put into defending the front line, mine use is on the increase. Also, with a static front line, it means more shells are repeatedly being fired in a much smaller area, thereby greatly increasing the chances of being injured by an unexploded shell.

With mine fields sown by both sides, especially along roads and paths, military positions located near civilians areas and large numbers of unexploded shells and munitions littering the landscape, the misery of mines will only ever continue.

DZ7bym3X0AA2-X0Picture shows Aleksey. After picking up a grenade, he lost two fingers when it exploded.

DZ7TCS3W4AE-CuwChildren show their pictures, drawn to show the dangers of mines.

Written by Glasnost Gone

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