Every two weeks, the OSCE compile a report. These give a summary of the main events and the grim reaper today of civilian casualties and deaths.

Start of 2018 – April 1st: Total of 37 civilian casualties resulting in 8 deaths.
These are only those which the OSCE can confirm.

March 19th – April 1st – Almost 10,000 ceasefire violations. This total includes the firing of weapons and the observation of heavy military equipment, in and around the front line.

Russian led forces are “mainly” responsible for denial of access.

Last week I posted about the reintroduction by the OSCE of their long-range UAV (drone) flights. Mentioned in the below report, they also intend to fly these at night. With most firing taking place at night and Russia using the cover of darkness to move its forces around and send them into Ukraine, this is welcome news.

latest OSCE report

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