Today in Germany, President Poroshenko met with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Talks involved the lack of Minsk agreement progress and the proposal for a UN Peace Keeping mission. Below are some paragraphs taken from the Presidents website. Please use this link to read the full statement.

– Ukraine hopes for the support of the joint proposal of our country, Germany, France and USA on the introduction of peacekeepers under the auspices of the UN in the occupied part of the Donbas. It was stated by President Petro Poroshenko during the joint briefing with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel following the bilateral meeting.

The Head of State stressed that the given initiative was caused by the lack of progress in the peace talks and the impossibility of controlling the actions of pro-Russian militants and representatives of Russia in the occupied areas of the east of Ukraine in fulfilling their obligations under the Minsk agreements.

The German Chancellor, in turn, confirmed that during the meeting with the President of Ukraine, the issue of a peacekeeping mission under the auspices of the UN had been discussed in details. She also noted the lack of progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements. “There is really no peace, no truce,” Angela Merkel said.



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