As if the death and destruction caused by the war wasn’t enough, it looks like Russia might also throw into the mix, the small matter of a nuclear disaster. Back in 1979, a nuclear device was reportedly detonated in a mine, inside a capsule.

As reported by the OSCE, the mine is located Yunokomunarivsk, inside Russian occupied Ukraine. Those in charge told the OSCE, that they now intend to allow the mine to flood. Rather troubling, the chief engineer and those with him, didn’t know how the flooding will effect the capsule, which is surrounding the nuclear waste.

The fear is, this flooding may eventually cause radio-active waste to leak out, into the atmosphere and also pollute rivers and water supplies. Goes without saying, this could cause a major health and environmental incident.

OSCE new 2

Mine 2

Mine 1


US Special Representative Kurt Volker and US embassy tweets on the subject.

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