OSCE Drone Spots Large Russian Combat Unit

April 4th 2018: OSCE UAV (drone) spotted a large, Russian combat unit. in Luhansk city. Location is the old city airport, highlighted in orange on Google Earth image. The more frequent flying of drones by the OSCE is certainly paying off. Like those seen below, more Russian hardware is being spotted in Ukraine. Now having said that, I’m sure it wont be too long before we see a greater Russian effort to shoot OSCE drones down.

Unit comprises…
7 tanks.
7 Armoured personnel carriers.
7 Armoured fighting vehicles.
7 Grad rocket launchers.
7 surface-to-air missile systems.
7 Self-propelled artillery guns.
10 towed artillery howitzers.

Other military vehicles can be seen on the edges. Noteworthy how new the vehicles look, with all looking like they have had a fresh coat of paint. That’s a fresh coat of paint, hiding their old Russian, military markings.


Tank location Luhansk

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