Kurt Volker has given another update on the current situation in Ukraine. Please use this link to the US Dept of State website to read it in full. No significant difference from the update earlier in the year. Outlines the on-going fighting and the dire humanitarian situation. Makes it very plain, that Russia is solely responsible for the conflict.

“It is not an indigenous conflict in Ukraine. It’s not a civil war. It’s not an ethnic conflict. It’s the result of Russia invading and occupying territory in Ukraine. You all know that they have taken Crimea and claim to have annexed Crimea. The case of eastern Ukraine, they have set up two people’s republics, they call them – so-called Luhansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic, entities that have no place under the Ukrainian constitution and entities that were not created and chosen by people there.”

As for talks with Russia. Volker states he’s not yet had a reply to the proposal of a large scale, UN peacekeeper deployment, but is hopeful he will soon. As are we.

“I thought that the discussions (with Russia) that we had in January were constructive, and at that time, my Russian counterpart undertook to put thoughts on paper and to come back to us when he was ready to seek a further meeting. That has not happened yet. And so I think all of us had some understanding that in the run-up to the Russian elections, and now with the installation of a new government still yet to come, understandable that there is some delay in this. But that is the state of play.”




Written by Glasnost Gone

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