Mine Clearance & Awareness in Ukraine

The HALO Trust do some sterling and extremely dangerous work in Ukraine. Teams conduct non-technical surveys to identify and mark hazardous areas. When this process is completed, staff assist in the planning and prioritisation of mine clearance. Importantly, they also train civilians in the art of demining. This local knowledge, helps to create a much broader, mine awareness, within populations living on the front line.

You can read the story of how the HALO Trust helped clear a river bank of mines and trip wires. With most combat vehicles able to drive across water and fish seen as a valuable extra source of food, the mining of river banks is another unwelcome danger for those living in the conflict area.

Halo Trust stall at a Mine Awareness Day.

With children often becoming victims of mines, improvised explosive devices and unexploded munitions, the Trust produces booklets and leaflets aimed at creating awareness of the dangers for children.

UK Ambassador Judith Gough (right) supporting the HALO Trust during a training exercise. Here showing the dangers of trip wires, linked to grenades.

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