Today, Russian occupation forces have been busy posting videos of an alleged attack by Ukrainian artillery. In the process of which, they revealed a mass of Russian military hardware. Location is the old Luhansk city airport. Same location where on April 4th, the OSCE filmed the very same Russian tanks, combat vehicles, anti-aircraft systems and artillery.

Due to the publishing of their UAV image (posted below), they blame the OSCE as the reason for this supposed shelling. Odd how there’s only a small impact crater and the only thing which looks to have been damaged, was a WW2 Russian tank, along with a few burnt out trucks and part of a military tent. Somehow the mass of combat vehicles etc. parked along the taxi runway were missed?

Whole thing looks to have been staged. Part of new tactic to try and stop the OSCE publishing drone images.

Worth noting the OSCE text written on their image. It rightly states that due to Minsk agreement, these combat vehicles and artillery breach that agreement, as they should not be anywhere near the front line. The establishing a large military base, right on the edge of city obviously endangers civilians living near it. But then, as we’ve seen in Ukraine and Syria, since when has Russia cared about civilian lives?

Mass 3

Mass 1


Tank hit 1



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