The Official twitter a/c for Canadian Armed Forces tweeted about its assistance for the Ukrainian military. During operation Unifier, they’ve so far trained and mentored over 6,350 soldiers. They have also supplied a good deal of non-lethal gear, inc warm, military clothing.

Taken from the Canadian Forces website.
“Operation UNIFIER is the Canadian Armed Forces mission to support Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ukraine. The operation’s focus is to assist them with military training. This will help them improve and build their military capacity. The CAF coordinates its training with training by the U.S. and other countries (inc UK) that help in the same way. Military training is one part of Canada’s overall support to Ukraine.”

Dedicated Face Book page to Canadian forces assistance in Ukraine.
Also Twitter account. 

Naturally Russia’s propaganda has had lots of fake news, hissy fits about this, claiming all sorts of weird and comical conspiracy theories about secret bases and Canadian troops fighting on the front line etc.

Canada help


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