Proving you can fight Russia’s propaganda, YouTube has deleted a mercenary recruitment video, one which featured in my video seen below. Proves the point, that the conflict in Ukraine just isn’t widely known about, thereby allowing Russia to get away with posting videos, which promote terrorism. On the plus side, it also proves that if you’re able to present the evidence in a concise way, there’s a good chance companies like Google/YouTube will act favorably.

Video gave advice for foreign mercenaries wishing to fight for Russia in Ukraine. Promoted hatred towards Ukrainians by using terms like, Nazi’s. Also included info on how to illegally enter Ukraine and scam crowd-funding companies by running fake campaigns.

Using a link to my video, I was able to report the recruitment video, as one promoting terrorism. It seems the content allowed YouTube to make a better assessment on it. Mind you, over 4,000 views on Twitter and 1,700 on YouTube probably helped.

Thanks for all those who supported the video.
Ukraine 1  Russia 0.

YouTube video 1

Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.


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