Graham Phillips Deletes Video Urging People to Illegally Enter Ukraine

I’ve already posted news on this my new video on Russia’s, British propagandist, Graham Phillips. However, at almost 11 minutes, you may have missed the best bit.

Video details how Russia’s London embassy enables him to illegally enter Ukraine. If you fast forward, to 6 minutes, you’ll be able to watch some of his YouTube video which he’s deleted. One assumes the reason for the deletion, is because he’s filmed illegally in Ukraine, urging people from the UK to follow his example and likewise, illegally enter Ukraine through Russia.

But first a note of caution. Like his paymaster Putin, in the video, Phillips is topless.  #UKGrahamPhillips is the Twitter hashtag I’m using when posting stuff on him.

Please, do what you can to support these videos on Phillips. The more they are known about, the better chance he might be arrested when he returns to the UK. For the last year he’s been in Russia, but has said he aims to return to the UK in the summer.

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