Russia’s Dead & Wounded Taken out of Ukraine

At the two crossing which Russia allows them to monitor 24/7, every week, the OSCE compiles a report detailing what they observe. And virtually every week, as seen below, they observe ambulances and vans carrying Russia’s dead and wounded soldiers/mercenaries. The term Gruz 200 (cargo 200), is Russia’s military code for the carrying of dead soldiers killed in combat.

Remember, these are just those vehicles marked as ambulances, or those carrying dead bodies. A good many will not be marked as such, so will escape observation. Also worth remembering, that these are just two crossings in the Luhansk Oblast (province). With the majority of fighting taking place in the Donetsk region, it’s realistic to suggest literally thousands of Russians must have been killed and wounded in Ukraine since 2014.

Link to this report.
Header pic shows a Russian Cargo 200 truck leaving Ukraine in 2014.

OSCE border

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