3D Look at Mass Graves of Russia’s Soldiers & Mercenaries in Ukraine

Some 3D satellite images showing a small cemetery, on the outskirts of Russian occupied city of Donetsk. Located away from the local graves, unmarked burials started to take place here from June 2014. Google Earth images show a marked increase in burials from Feb 2015. Presumably unloading the bodies, a regular stream of vans and trucks can be seen next to graves. Due to the sheer volume of dead needing burial, well used vehicle tracks leading to the graves have developed and can clearly be seen.

There are now approx 1,100 unmarked graves at the cemetery. These will likely be Russian mercenaries, but may include regular Russian soldiers who were serving under temporary contract service. I’ve added my video on this cemetery and another one in Donetsk. Both hold approx 2,000 graves related to Russian led soldiers.

If a Russian dies fighting in Syria, Putin calls them a hero. If they die in Ukraine, Putin calls them an inconvenience. Hence, many have been buried in Ukraine, never to return to the motherland.

Graves 3

Graves 2

Graves 4

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