President Poroshenko has confirmed the delivery of Javelin, antitank system from America. On Face Book he wrote – “I can confirm that the long-awaited weapon arrived in the Ukrainian army. And significantly strengthened the powerful deterrent effect of our combat capability and Euro-Atlantic security. We continue to work on strengthening our defense capability in order to deflect Russian aggression.

I am sincerely grateful for the fair decision of Donald J. Trump in support of Ukraine in defense of freedom and democracy. Washington not only fulfilled our joint agreement – it has demonstrated leadership and an important example.”

Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak, said the army would start training with the Javelin’s on May 2nd. Naturally the Kremlin is far from a happy Russian bunny about all this. But as its Russian forces have invaded eastern Ukraine, no one is too bothered what they think. Besides, they’ve sent around 700 tanks into Ukraine, so Putin can afford to loose a few more tanks, although the Russian led soldiers crewing them, might now disagree.

Read more info on the topic via – Radio Free Europe Website.


Written by Glasnost Gone

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