Ukraine: Education of 200,000 Children Effected by Russian Inspired Conflict

May 4th, UNICEF published a statement on how the fighting in Ukraine has effected children’s education. Since the start of Russia’s conflict, numerous schools along the front line have been destroyed, damaged and closed. As the pictures show, those that stay open are forced to fortify their classrooms, with children learning bombardment drills, where pupils take cover in basements, or safe rooms.

GENEVA, 4 May 2018 – “More than four years of conflict in eastern Ukraine have taken a devastating toll on the education system, destroying and damaging hundreds of schools and forcing 200,000 girls and boys to learn in militarized environments, amid volatile fighting and dangers due to unexploded weapons of war.

Children are learning in schools with bullet holes in the walls and sandbags in windows, bomb shelters in the basements and shrapnel in school yards,” said UNICEF Ukraine Representative Giovanna Barberis. “The education system in eastern Ukraine has been in the crossfire for more than four years. All sides of the conflict must respect international humanitarian law and ensure that schools are safe places for children to learn.

Children face dangers due to the proximity of military sites, such as bases, storage facilities and security check points, to schools and kindergartens along both sides of eastern Ukraine’s contact line. The contact line divides Government and Non-Government-controlled areas, and is where fighting is most severe.”

Read the full statement.


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