Latest fortnightly status report from the OSCE is out, and as usual makes for depressing reading. But usefully, it does give us a regular window into on-going conflict in Ukraine.

April 16th – 29th shows a 10% increase in ceasefire violations, with 8,300 recorded. The total covers firing and heavy military equipment, such as tanks and artillery seen near the front line.

Civilian deaths and injuries continue to add up. Six people were killed and 17 injured. This will be due to the result of shelling/firing and from unexploded ordnance and mines.

OSCE movements have been restricted 23 times by Russian led forces and 5 by Ukrainian military. April 28th, Russian forces threatened to detain a patrol. OSCE unmanned aerial vehicles are still being targeted.

As the graphic show, Russia has 37 OSCE monitors operating in Ukraine.

War report

Written by Glasnost Gone

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