Celebrating Russia’s football world cup, Adidas surprisingly launched a Soviet Union, USSR t-shirt. This initially prompted a tweeted “imperial nostalgia” comment from the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, followed by a good many others, including myself. Using the #Adidas hashtag, the association with the Soviet Union and the brutal murder of tens of millions of innocent people was made. In Ukraine alone, several million people died during a Stalin, orchestrated famine, known as the Holodomor genocide.

Today, it seems Adidas have stopped selling the t-shirts. The Pages on both US & UK websites appear to have been deleted. Website links either don’t work, or pages disappear when refreshed. Hopefully Adidas has seen the light, or at the very least, picked up a history book? During Stalin’s reign, it’s reported that around 20 million people were murdered.

Naturally, people were quick to ask (via Photoshop), whether Adidas had any plans to launch a Nazi Germany range of clothing?

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Written by Glasnost Gone

Just a British chap who doesn't like murdering dictators who go topless.

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