New Report Links Russian Army to shelling of Ukrainian city of Mariupol

A new Bellingcat Investigation has “determined conclusively that the artillery attack on the Ukrainian town of Mariupol on 24 January 2015, came from Russia-controlled territory.” The shelling resulted in at least 30 civilian deaths and over 100 injuries. Furthermore, “Bellingcat has also determined that the shelling operation was instructed, directed and supervised by Russian military commanders in active service with the Russian Ministry of Defense”. Nine Russian officers, including one general, two colonels, and three lieutenant colonels, were “directly involved” in the military operation.

The day before the attack, two artillery batteries of Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) were transported from Russia into Ukraine. In the early morning of January 24th 2015, these batteries were deployed near the village of Bezimenne exclusively for the shelling of targets in and around Mariupol, after which they were repatriated back into Russia. Read the full report.

Car dash cam video, showing some of the impacts from the Mariupol shelling. Use this YouTube link to watch others.

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